Friday, January 6, 2012

Lerma's Rainbow Over Sampaloc Lake

When the price of gasoline was less than a peso, it was very reasonable to drive around the country side just for the sheer pleasure of driving.   I love to stop by San Pablo just to admire the peace and quiet that Sampaloc Lake instills.  I didn’t know that there were actually seven lakes until many decades later when Pomping Saulo, owner of a local Mr. Donut store, went on an excursion to see the lakes.

And much much later, my friend Lerma Prudente took some photographs of Sampaloc Lake.  Was it the lake or the rainbow that was the subject of the photo? With the innocence of a girl scout, Lerma bridged the quiet lake with color.  Never mind if fish pens desecrated the stillness of the lake.  Never mind if there were more structures at the perimeter of Sampaloc.  It was a good shoot and it makes one feel good.

Rainbow photography can be a difficult task.  First, you have to have a rainbow. Experience tells me it’s not that easy to hunt for one.  I was once a shutter hunting for rainbows with a Nikon F Photomic T and a 28 mm wide angle lens.  But whenever one appeared, the old Nikon was not there. 

Lerma’s rainbow hits a mountain at the horizon but where the other leg is keeps you in suspense. Her other two shoots pan to the other leg.  It's not easy to cover the whole arc even with a 28 mm lens on a 35 mm camera. A 19 mm wide angle lens or less should be able to capture the 84° angle of view.  She had four exposures, two showing the left foot and two showing the right foot, all shown here.  I particularly like one which shows the left leg stepping on the mountain. The leaves on the foreground is just right and in keeping with the artist’s technique of creating depth on two dimensions.

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  1. thank you for appreciating my photography (used my old N95 camera phone) ... so amazed with rainbows :=)